WizardLink provides network performance optimization software for fast data transfer based on high-speed compression technology. WizardLink solution can be transparently integrated with any other WAN optimization solution.

WAN optimization

WAN optimization challenge

     Businesses need transferring data from one (or many) systems to another from time to time. This is often a major headache for many large and small organizations to complete the transfer on time and on budget. Data transfer can be even more complex when large amounts of data needed to be migrated between databases of different vendors on different platforms. Transferring huge amount of data in heterogeneous environment is becoming a norm.

     WAN optimization products seek to accelerate a broad range of applications accessed by distributed enterprise users via eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data, and streamlining chatty protocols. Compression component of the WAN optimization solutions significantly reduces bandwidth utilization, but normally doesn't increase the WAN throughput because of the computational cost of the compression algorihtm.

WizardLink solution for the WAN optimization

     WizardLink solution uses high-speed compression technology to address the challenge of fast data transfer over WAN.

• High compression rate allows to reduce effectively network bandwidth utilization by factor of 8-10.
• WizardLink unique high speed compression and decompression technology increases the actual network throughput by factor of 8-10. The overall data transfer time is reduced by 85-90% for slow WAN connections. Even for fast WAN connections (over 50mbps) the data transfer is accelerated several times.
• WizardLink WAN optimization solution can be transparently integrated with any other WAN optimization solution
• WizardLink WAN optimization solution is suitable only for data containing structured data (comma delimited, etc.).

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