WizardLink provides network performance optimization software for fast file transfer based on high-speed compression technology. WizardLink solution can be transparently integrated into any FTP application.

File transfer acceleration

File transfer challenge

     Businesses need transferring data from one (or many) systems to another from time to time. This is often a major headache for many large and small organizations to complete the transfer on time and on budget. Data transfer can be even more complex when large amounts of data needed to be migrated between databases of different vendors on different platforms. Transferring huge amount of data in heterogeneous environment is becoming a norm. The simplest way of transferring data between heterogeneous systems are flat files. Normally some standard protocols like FTP are used for this purpose.

     Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) is the process of reformatting and moving data into the data warehouse from one or more operational systems. Often the transfer of the files is a part of the regular ETL procedure. The entire ETL cycle should be managed in certain timeframe. As the size of the data warehouse increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform all of the required ETL tasks within the allocated time window. Eventually, ETL process can influence production time — creating downtime that results in lost productivity and opportunity costs. File transfer speed is limited by WAN bandwidth and slow FTP connection can become the bottleneck of the entire ETL cycle.

WizardLink solution for the file transfer

     WizardLink solution uses high-speed compression technology to address the challenge of fast file transfer from FTP client to FTP server and overall ETL cycle acceleration.

• High compression rate allows to reduce effectively network bandwidth utilization by factor of 8-10 regardless whether it is WAN or LAN.
• WizardLink unique high speed compression and decompression technology increases the actual network throughput by similar factor. The overall file transfer time is reduced by 85-90% for slow FTP connections. Even for fast FTP connections (over 50mbps) the transfer between FTP client and FTP server is accelerated several times.
• Standard FTP server and FTP client application can be used with WizardLink solution. No additional software change is required. Only FTP server connection parameters should be adjusted.
• Minimizing size of the transferred data reduces the risk of network failure proportionally, therefore reducing the overall risk of the ETL procedure failure.
• Files can be transferred using proprietary highly efficient protocol employing WizardLink compression technology. This allow even further network performance improvement, bandwidth utilization reduction and overall transfer acceleration by eliminating overhead related to FTP client and FTP server. WizardLink solution based on this protocol can be easily integrated into standard ETL procedures.
More information about WizardLink file transfer application : WizardLink Compressor.
• WizardLink File Transfer acceleration solution is suitable only for files containing structured data (comma delimited, etc.).

More information about WizardLink FTP acceleration solution architecture: WizardLink FTP Agent.