WizardLink provides network performance optimization software based on high-speed compression technology. WizardLink solution can be transparently integrated into any database application.

Data replication acceleration

Data replication challenge

     Database replication is a critical technology employed by a wide spectrum of users in industry, government and academia to keep internal and customer facing application highly available and reliable. Enterprise databases need replication for a variety of reasons that vary from simple backups, online upgrades, warehouse loads, and disconnected client applications to distributed applications running on data-centers around the country or on different continents. Most of these applications require heavy transaction volumes to be replicated in nearly real time. Furthermore, replication is often required to consume minimal resources. The data synchronization between different replicas of the database becomes crucial task. Replication latency and throughput are limited by the WAN performance.

WizardLink solution for database replication acceleration

     WizardLink solution uses high-speed compression technology to address data replication challenges.

• Network bandwidth utilization can be reduced up to 90%, significantly optimizing overall Oracle server performance.
• Replication throughput can be increased several times. Using WizardLink high-performance compression technology makes data replication throughput penalty due to compression negligible. The overall network performance is considerably improved.
• WizardLink Oracle Agent increases Oracle Streams WAN-related throughput up to 20 times.
• Materialized View refresh can be done up to 10 times faster.
• WizardLink products require moderate CPU and memory usage and therefore almost have no impact on overall server system resource consumption. This is significant for refreshing materialized views that may be performed on relatively weak client machines.
• WizardLink Oracle Agent can be used for acceleration of network-bound applications using Oracle database.
• WizardLink high-performance compression technology is not restricted to Oracle database replication. In the upcoming versions it will provide support for replication acceleration and network bandwidth utilization reduction for other database servers - MS SQLServer, DB2, etc.

More information about WizardLink replication acceleration solution architecture: WizardLink Oracle Agent.