WizardLink provides network performance optimization software based on high-speed compression technology for Oracle data replication acceleration, file transfer, ETL, archiving and backup. WizardLink products can be transparently integrated into any database or FTP application.

Products Overview

     WizardLink delivers software products that help data-intensive businesses and government entities to improve the quality, availability and continuity of the data within their IT systems. Our products are designed to be simple to use and provide results quickly, accurately and effectively. Users are given full control of the processes, defining rules and configuration. The WizardLink suite of products is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing IT and business process providing results for corporate reporting systems, database management systems and software development and testing tools. This ability allows our customers to simply integrate our products into existing business, development and IT processes without creating an additional layer to the process.

     WizardLink Oracle Agent significantly optimizes network performance for Oracle replication. The installation and integration process is simple and straightforward. WizardLink Oracle Agent is integrated into existing Oracle database as database link or new Oracle service. Memory and CPU consumption are very low.

     WizardLink FTP Agent radically reduces the file transfer time. WizardLink FTP Agent is integrated into existing application as an FTP site, no need to install new file transfer application.

     WizardLink Compressor allows compressing of the structured data up to 10% of its original size. WizardLink Compressor utilizes the unique high-speed compression algorithm which is 2-3 times faster than the fastest competitors. WizardLink Compressor can be configured to work with WizardLink FTP Agent, providing the ideal solution for file transfer and backup.
     WizardLink Compressor (windows version) includes a user friendly graphical interface - WizardLink File Manager.

WizardLink User Guide can be downloaded here:

pdf WizardLink 1.3 User Guide