WizardLink FTP Agent

     WizardLink FTP Agent improves network throughput when transferring files containing structured data. WizardLink FTP Agent utilizes unique high-performance WizardLink compression technology.

• WizardLink FTP Agent is integrated into existing FTP application as FTP site

• Simple network architecture allows transparent solution integration. No changes are required in the existing network configuration. WizardLink compression solution is integrated as a new FTP server for the FTP client. From the other hand WizardLink FTP agent acts as a standard FTP client for the FTP server.
• Standard FTP server and FTP client application can be used with WizardLink solution for the file transfer acceleration. No additional software change is required. Only FTP server connection parameters should be adjusted.
• WizardLink FTP Agent employs high-performance compression technology and reduces the bandwidth utilization by 85-90%. This significantly optimizes overall FTP server network performance.
• Data compression/decompression is done in parallel to network transfer that results in 600-800% acceleration of the file transfer time over slow FTP connections.
• CPU utilization for slow network connections (WAN) is negligible.
• WizardLink FTP Agent can be used even in local area networks (fast FTP connection) as the compression speed is about 300mbps.
• WizardLink FTP Agent is available for Windows and Linux 32 and 64-bit.