WizardLink Compressor

     WizardLink Compressor is the archiving application utilizing unique high-performance WizardLink compression technology.

• WizardLink Compressor is easy to install and use.
• Compression rate for flat files with structured data is 85-90%.
• Compression/decompression speed is about 300mbps per CPU (140GB/h). This significantly improves compression performance in comparison to standard compression tools.
• WizardLink Compressor can be combined with WizardLink FTP Agent, providing an ideal solution for fast file transfer, archiving and backup.
• WizardLink fast file transfer solution based on WizardLink Compressor significantly improves network performance in comparison to FTP, as a result of eliminating FTP server and client overhead.
• WizardLink Compressor is available for Windows and Linux 32 and 64-bit.
• WizardLink Compressor for Windows includes user friendly graphical interface - WizardLink File Manager.