Frequently Asked Questions

Technology questions:

Q. How can compression improve the performance?
A. It takes less time to transfer compressed information. However, in standard algorithms the time gained on data transfer is wiped out by the compression procedure itself. WizardLink compression is fast enough to make this factor insignificant.

Q. How good is WizardLink compression technology comparing to other compression algorithms?
A. WizardLink compression rate on structured data is more than 2 times better than that of Zip, and is comparable to the Ultra level of 7Zip. WizardLink compression speed is 4 times higher than Zip - the fastest of the competitors.

Q. What are the limitations of WizardLink compression technology?
A. WizardLink is designed to work with structured data like tables. It can be applied to plain text as well, but the compression rate will be comparable to that of Zip.

Q. Can WizardLink compression rate be improved in the future?
A. Yes, the compression rate can be improved, especially for Oracle data.

Product questions:

Q. How low-level WizardLink technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing system?
A. WizardLink product plug-ins into the client-server applications, like Oracle and FTP. WizardLink compression and decompression agents embed themselves into client-network-server connection: client-agent-network-agent-server. Therefore from the client point of view WizardLink Agent looks like a standard server. Similarly WizardLink agent looks like a standard client from the server point of view.

Q. Installing additional software on the production server is not always possible. Can WizardLink be installed on dedicated machine?
A. Yes, it makes sense if the clients connect to the server (whether Oracle or FTP) using Wide Area Network (WAN). In this case compressed data is transferred through WAN. Uncompressed data is transferred through Local Area Network between server and dedicated WizardLink machine. As LAN is normally much faster than WAN its influence will be negligible.

Q. What are the benefits of WizardLink Direct File Transfer compared to WizardLink FTP Agent?
A. WizardLink FTP Agent can be transparently integrated into existing FTP application. However, both FTP application and FTP server add time overhead to the transfer. Normally this overhead is relatively small to the actual network transfer time. Using WizardLink FTP Agent this network transfer time is reduced several times making FTP server overhead more significant. In this case WizardLink Direct File Transfer can improve performance, though it cannot be seamlessly integrated.

Q. What is on the WizardLink products roadmap?
A. Our roadmap includes development in several directions. We continue further technology enhancement, improving compression rate and speed. Another development target is extending applicability in Oracle environment. Currently Oracle Agent compresses only SELECT statements. We plan to compress all the Oracle server traffic in the future versions, including DML and replication records.

Q. When WizardLink is planning to support additional platforms?
A. WizardLink will add the support of the new platforms in the upcoming release. For the specific platform query, please contact

Licensing questions:

Q. I haven't completed yet my evaluation and would like to extend my trial period. How can I do this?
A. Generally we believe that 30 day period is enough to evaluate the WizardLink product. However, we can consider the request for the evaluation period extension. Please contact The trial keys for the beta version can be renewed upon request every 25 days using the WizardLink download page.

Q. I've upgraded WizardLink software and didn't backup configuration and license files. Can I get another license?
A. Please contact and we'll try to resolve your problem.

Q. Limited license (by time and size) is inconvenient. Can I get unlimited license?
A. Limited license is general practice in WizardLink, but we can issue partially unlimited license under some circumstances. Please contact for details.