Company overview

     WizardLink provides network optimization tools based on unique high-performance compression technology

     WizardLink delivers software products that help data-intensive businesses and government entities to improve the quality, availability and continuity of the data within their IT systems. WizardLink high-performance tools effectively increase network throughput several times without bandwidth upgrade. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) can be achieved through decreased bandwidth needs to serve new applications.

     Our solutions are designed to be simple to use and provide results quickly, accurately and effectively. Users are given full control of the processes, defining rules and configuration.

     The WizardLink suite of products is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing IT and business process providing results for corporate reporting systems, database management systems and software development and testing tools. This allows our customers to simply integrate our products into existing business, development and IT processes without creating an additional layer to the process.

     The consumption of the CPU and memory is very low making integration of WizardLink products into the existing systems without additional investment in hardware.


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